Covid Clinics - 23.12.21

There are no more covid clinics between now and Christmas – we felt we all needed a rest!

However we are running an all day covid clinic on 30th December at THE QUEENS HALL in Burley. We will be offering pre-booked appointments in the morning for our patients and then a walk in session for anyone – YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE REGISTERED WITH US- from 1.30 until 4pm.

Vaccines are available for everyone from 12 years of age – 1st,2nd and booster doses.

An update from Dr Rayment - 22.7.21

Good morning all – we hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather and the opportunity to meet up with friends and family outside which keeps us all safer.

We want to thank all those patients that have come into the surgery this week and have kept wearing their face masks – it is much appreciated.

We now have 205 people who are entitled to a vaccine in Burley in Wharfedale and haven’t yet taken up this opportunity.

There is a vaccine clinic at Gateway house in Skipton on Saturday from 08.00 until 16.00 – this is a drop in clinic for both vaccines.

As everyone’s thoughts turn to holidays we have a request – we are been inundated this morning with patients ringing up to ask us to help them go abroad with various letters or certifications – WE HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ENABLING PEOPLE TO GO ON HOLIDAY AND THERE ARE NO CERTIFICATES WE CAN GIVE YOU.

Your NHS APP – can issue you with a pass to use at the airport or at an event that requires proof of vaccination. Most countries then require proof of a negative PCR test before entry into the country and a similar test needs to be done to get back into the UK. These HAVE  to be private NOT  NHS tests. Information about these tests can be found on government websites or from your airline. Please do not ask us about these tests as we are unable to help at all.

Thank you for reading this. Please share this with other people in the village and please encourage everyone you know who is a patient here to follow our page.

Covid Vaccination Certificates:

Here at the surgery we are unable to issue covid vaccination certificates. For more information please visit the Government website.

Proof of your vaccination status will be available on the NHSapp. The NHSapp can be downloaded for iPhones here or for Android here.

Alternatively you can call the NHS helpline on 119 (from 17th May) and ask for a letter to be posted to you. This must be at least 5 days after you’ve completed your course of the vaccine and the letter may to take up to 5 days to reach you.


Oxford AstraZeneca  - Vaccine update 08/04/2021

November 2020 - Letter to patients 

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Staff News:

We have recently expanded our administration team and our receptionist team. Should you expereince any issues or delays, we would like to apologise for this as we are currently in the process of training new members of staff.


The Accessible Information Standard will come into force from the 31st July 2016 across health and social care in England. For more information, please access this link


Your doctor will offer you the option of sharing or not sharing your records at the appropriate consultation and will record your choice accordingly. You can always alter your decision at a later date if you change your mind

Patient choices regarding sharing of health records



NHS England is commissioning a modern data service from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) on behalf of the entire health and social care system. Known as, this programme will build on the existing data services such as the Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) service, which was launched in 1989, and expand it to provide linked data, that will eventually cover all care settings, both in and outside of hospital.

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, NHS England has the power to direct the HSCIC to collect information from all providers of NHS care, including general practices. The specification of the data to be extracted by GP practices were considered by the Joint GP IT Committee of the British Medical Association and the Royal College of General Practitioners, as well as an independent advisory group.

The General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) will be used to extract GP data each month. Initially the data will cover the period from April 2013 onwards. The identifiers to be extracted are: NHS number, date of birth, postcode, and gender which will allow patients’ GP data to be linked to their hospital data. No free text will be extracted, only coded information about referrals, NHS prescriptions and other clinical data.

For further information, please see the Patient Information Leaflet and Frequently Asked Questions


The King's Fund, an independent health watch dog, have created this animation to explain the complexity of the new NHS. If you've ever wondered what's involved take a quick look .



Winter is traditionally a very busy time for GPs and hospitals. It brings with it illness and ailments such as flu, coughs and colds and Norovirus (the winter vomiting bug.) That's why it pays to be prepared so that you can stay well this period. And a new campaign, launched by doctors in Bradford and Airedale, will help you do exactly that ... Stay well this winter (PDF)

Your GP practice holds copies of your patient health record electronically and in paper format. Both contain the healthcare information about you that your GP needs including your medical history, medications, allergies, immunisations and vaccinations.

If you have previously registered with a different GP in England, upon registering at this practice your electronic health record will, where possible, be transferred automatically from your previous practice through the use of an NHS system called GP2GP.

For more detailed information, please click on this link